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Seventeen degrees north of the Equator and 65 degrees west of the Prime Meridian. The Sun is rising over the reef and spindle-legged seabirds are already patrolling the shoreline. It's a brand new day.

There are suits and ties in a closet back home. Regrettably, there are those times and places.

But this won't be one of them. This will be a day for looking good and feeling even better. This is the world of Tommy Bahama.

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Bare feet. Warm sand. The tide is somewhere between coming and going and it would be two o'clock in the afternoon if anyone was
wearing a watch.

Vacation is a state of mind. How you choose to interact with your environment is up to you.

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Chicagoís Searís Tower is 1450 feet high. In Charlestown, capitol city of the island of Nevis, you canít get a permit to build anything taller than the palm trees. Different latitudes: different priorities.

You probably have a few of your own.

The Cayman Islands
Location: 480 miles south of Miami
Weather: It's nice out
History: When Columbus first blundered upon the Cayman Islands they were still inhabited by Carib cannibals and marine crocodiles.
It was a toss-up as to which group would try to eat you first. Things have improved dramatically since then.
Years later, after the cannibals were gone, the islands became famous for their delicious turtles. Sir Francis Drake used to stop
by to load up barrels of salted turtles to feed his crew. But there's a better way to eat them:

Cayman Turtle Cordon Bleu
1/2 lb tenderized turtle
Cheese (Whatever's handy)
Two beaten eggs
Cracker meal or bread crumbs
Salt, pepper, garlic powder
One bottle of cold imported beer

1-) Open the bottle of beer. Drink some.
2-) Sprinkle turtle with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Put two slices of ham and one slice of cheese on then turtle and fold it
over so the ham and cheese are inside. Put another slice of cheese on top. Dip the whole thing in the beaten eggs and roll it in the
cracker meal. Deep fry for 2 minutes or until brown.
3-) Finish the beer while you're waiting.

Christmas Island
Location: The Indian Ocean
Weather: It's nice out
History: Christmas Island is just 52 square miles stem to stern -- and most of that is a national park. It's inhabited by an
estimated 100 million little red land crabs and sundry other flora and fauna that you won't find anywhere else on the planet. The
whole thing is surrounded by a coral reef and the diving is indescribable.

You don't want to visit at just any old time, though. The crabs have to migrate to the beach every year -- all 100 million of them
-- for purposes of procreation and whatnot. They're not especially intelligent little creatures, so they end up getting into
absolutely everything. By the time it's over everyone on the island is tearing their hair out. You'll want to look into that
before you book your flight.

Location: In the Caribbean, 15 miles north of Venezuela. Way, way south of Miami.
Weather: It's nice out
History: There isn't any history. Aruba got lucky. There isn't enough water for agriculture, so the conquistadors and sugar
planters usually left the place alone.
It's just one beautiful, sunny afternoon after another, and things have been that way forever. Not only that, it almost never
rains. Bring a calendar if you visit Aruba -- the place has a way of making you forget what day it is.


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