Brochure Copy
For the Ron Santo Golf Experience

Headline: First of America Bank Invites You to
Play Hooky With Ron Santo

"On Thursday, June 12, Ron Santo and popular celebrities will be playing hooky for the day and we want you to join them. It's a benefit for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and Cubs Care, so you can join us with a clear conscience. We're taking the afternoon off to play a round of golf, and then we're having a big, informal barbecue. We're meeting at the beautiful Chalet Hills Golf Club, a challenging course cut out of the woods near Barrington, Ill.

If you've ever played hooky to go watch the Cubs play baseball you know how much fun it is to get out on a summer afternoon. This time we'll be playing hooky with Chicago Cubs, both old players and new. We're expecting other celebrities as well.

We'll be playing on a top-rated course that's considered one of the best kept secrets in Illinois golf. It'll be a shotgun scramble format, so we can count on smooth play. Golfers can never trust the weather, but we've chosen a date in mid-June to tilt the odds in our favor. We'll have good golf, good company and a good time. And, of course, it's always interesting to hear what a professional athlete has to say when his golf ball decides to hide behind a tree.

Meet us at Chalet Hills Golf Club for the inaugural Ron Santo & Gang Golf Experience. We guarantee -- absolutely guarantee -- that you'll be glad you came.

Ron Santo's Abbreviated Golf Rules
1-) Golf with passion.
2-) No tall tales.
3-) Playing hooky doesn't count if it's for a good cause."


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