Radio :60
Client:  The Goose Island Beer Company
Title:  Raiders of the Last Call

Announcer:   Here's a bit of Goose Island beer trivia for you.  Archaeologists digging at the ziggurat pyramids in Mesopotamia say that beer-making goes back to at least 5000 B.C.  They say that the folks who worked at the ziggurats in ancient times used to get beer as part of their pay.  There’s evidence of beer that's nearly 7000 years old.

At the Goose Island Brew Pubs you can find beer that's a lot fresher and a lot closer to home than that.  With locations on north Clark street in Wrigleyville and north Clyborne in Lincoln Park, the Goose Island Brew Pubs serve up award-winning beers that are fresh brewed daily, right here in Chicago.  The beer is complimented by a great food menu made with only the freshest of natural ingredients, and you’ll love the casual but upbeat atmosphere.  So dig into a good time at Goose Island.  Pith helmets are not required.


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