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Voiceover: "The Ohio Casualty Group presents great moments with the Chicago Bears." When Chicago met the Giants in the 1985 playoffs, the Bears didn't give up a first down for the first 28 minutes of play. When they finally did, we all carried on as if
New York had scored a touchdown. That '85 Bears' defense prided itself on quick responses.

The Ohio Casualty Group prides itself on quick responses, too. Whether it's Auto, Homeowner's or Business Insurance, the Ohio Casualty Group makes it easy to settle your claim quickly. Ask an Ohio Casualty Group independent agent for free information about Ohio Casualty's Direct Reporting and Direct Response program.

Chicago shut out the Giants and posted the first of two back-to-back shutout victories in playoff history. Chicago shutout four teams that year. Can you name them?


They were Atlanta, Dallas, the Giants and the Rams. That quick response was brought to you by The Ohio Casualty Group.  You can always count on Ohio Casualty for fast answers.



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