Radio :60
Client:  The Goose Island Beer Company
Title:  Good For What Ails You

Announcer:   Here’s a bit of beer trivia from the Goose Island brew pubs:  Archeologists have found an ancient Egyptian medical textbook listing 700 different prescriptions.  One hundred of them contained beer.  We’re wondering if that’s the origin of the toast, “Here’s for what ails you.” 

With locations on north Clark street in Wrigleyville and north Clyborne in Lincoln Park, the Goose Island brew pubs are the perfect gathering places to meet with friends and family, raise a glass of fresh-brewed Goose Island Beer and toast to everyone‘s good health.  Order from a great food menu.  Take advantage of the Goose Island valet bicycle service.  It’s a pennant race -- meet before or after Cubs games, or stick around and catch baseball action on the wide screen TVs.  You’ll always find great food, great atmosphere and great Chicago-brewed beer at the Goose Island Brew Pubs.  And may it be good for what ails you.


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