Radio :60
(For Chicago Cubs' legend Ron Santo's "American Rotisserie.")

Title: Billy Gets Pizza

Audio: Restaurant background noise

Hughes: With Cubs legend Ron Santo, I'm Pat Hughes, bringing you live coverage of the Bradley family dinner outing at Ron Santo's American Rotisserie, 1925 N. Meacham Road in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Santo: It looks like it's going to be a great meal, Pat. Prices are low, and with a family oriented menu that includes everything from delicious rotisserie chicken to char-broiled steaks, I think this should be a meal to remember.

Hughes: Oh, but look at that, Ron, there's trouble. Little Billy Bradley says he wonít eat any of the entrees and he wants to go home.

Audio: (Kid wails)

Santo: No problem, Pat, we've just installed a pizza
oven, and you know kids love pizza

Hughes: Smart play, Ron. The right food, reasonable prices and a friendly sports bar with a Cubs museum motif I'd say you've covered all the bases.

Santo: Third base, Pat.

Hughes (Quickly): Whatever. Hey, folks, catch a great family dining experience at Ron Santo's American Rotisserie in Schaumburg, just south of Algonquin Road.

Audio: Crowd roars

Announcer: Boy, when I hear those guys I canít wait for baseball to start up again.



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