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Quast and Associates

When King Arthur was growing up, business schools hadn't been invented yet. So the wizard Merlin gave Arthur a rather unconventional education. There was a lot that an executive in Merry Olde England would need to know.

Merlin wasn't the sort to waste time with trite formulas and out-moded theory. Instead, he sent Arthur on a series of adventures, transforming the young king into various creatures of the forest. As a fox, Arthur learned to be nimble and creative, and left the hounds (encumbered with their pack mentality) baying up the wrong trees. As a bird, Arthur observed that the borders painted on human maps don't really exist, and realized that human minds create their own restraints and limitations. As a raccoon, busy and nocturnal, Arthur realized that even common concepts like "the workday" can be artificial and inaccurate.

With each transformation, Arthur could see the advantages in applying special talents to specific situations. Using Merlin as an outsource really paid off.

What IS Q&A?
Modern communications technology is allowing a new kind of magic to blossom in the world. It's no longer necessary to gather every imaginable service under one roof. People can concentrate on what they do best, and let electronic wizardry bring it all together.

Expand your company's resources and expertise without renting more office space or adding a new department. When you call in Q&A, you'll meet our core group first: players in the mainstream of broadcasting, publishing, advertising, public relations, special events, and sales promotion. We'll examine your communications question, plug in the other specialists it will take to produce the right answer, and see that your message gets to the right audience in the most effective form. When the project is complete, the team disbands. Like Merlin, we're only around when you need us.

Q&A offers you flexibility and personalized service. To that we add the wide-ranging resources of the virtual corporation, which means that we can bring you anything from white paper research whimsical sales promotions.

We're interested in all of your marketing and communications questions. Before we do anything else, we'll want to have a look at what you're doing now. You know your business, and you know what your goals are. That makes you the first expert we'll plan to consult. We'll want to ask you some questions, and we'll want to listen to yours. Any time you call us in for a project, we'll be counting on your close collaboration. We're not just offering you the use of a virtual corporation. We're inviting you to join one.


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