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Goose Island Presents the Disappearing Beer Cup
Chicago, IL, July 11, 2008

The upcoming Pitchfork Music Festival, to be held in Chicago’s Union Park, July 18 – 20, will be as environmentally friendly as the presenters can make it. The generators will use bio-diesel, festival transportation will be in hybrid vehicles, and recyclables will be collected from all the vendors. And, as a festival sponsor, the Goose Island Beer Company plans to provide a staggering number of biodegradable beer cups. “We’ll pour more than 100,000 cups of our 312 beer at this event,” says Goose Island’s Greg Hall. “If it were cans, bottles or plastic cups that would generate a lot of trash. But when you’re serving draught beer in a biodegradable cup, there’s nothing to send to the landfill. The kegs go back to the brewery to be refilled, the cups get turned into compost and there’s nothing left behind.”

The secret behind Goose Island’s cups is that they’re made from corn, not petroleum, says Steve Kurowski, of EcoProducts, the company that manufactures the special logoed cups for Goose Island. “In an industrial composter these cups will turn into rich, black dirt in about 60 days.”

The Goose Island Beer Company takes a special interest in environmental issues in the Chicago area. In addition to providing eco-friendly services at Chicagoland festivals and events, Goose Island is a major supporter of organizations like The Friends of the Chicago River and (X.) “Chicago is home,” says Hall. “Of course we’d want to take care of its environment. We live here.”

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