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Beautiful, Practical, Powerful Refrigerator Magnets
MagnetiCoin refrigerator magnets make unique gifts and add a decorator's touch to any kitchen. They're all real coins, so they're a display of the craftsmanship of artists and engravers from all over the world. And they were all in circulation before they came to us, so you can imagine the many places they've been and the many stories that each of them represents.

But MagnetiCoin refrigerator magnets aren't merely attractive. They also do a vastly better job. We've all tried those ugly plastic refrigerator magnets that are just barely strong enough to cling to the door. Close the refrigerator too quickly, or brush the door with an arm or elbow, and suddenly you're down on all fours fishing everything back out from under the kitchen table.

MagnetiCoin refrigerator magnets are powerful. There's an audible click when you attach a MagnetiCoin magnet to your refrigerator door -- each one is strong enough to hold 15 sheets of paper in place. Your shopping list, favored photos and recipes will stay exactly where you put them until such a time as you decide to move them. There are fifteen refrigerator magnet coins per set.

A MagnetiCoin refrigerator magnet isn't just a work of art. It's also a better magnet.


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