Golf Outing Brochure
For the Chicago Youth Campus

"The shadow of a red tailed hawk glides down the sand dune to your left, changing size and shape as it flits across a tangle of Jack pines and bearberry bushes. Up ahead a blue heron stands guard over a fresh water marsh, solemn as a judge. It strikes you that it wouldn’t be hard to lose a golf ball here -- but hey, what a beautiful place to do it.

Like so many things in life, golf is really more about the journey than the final score.

Join us at the Lost Dunes Retreat for a unique and beautiful golfing experience amidst the wooded dunes of southern Michigan. We’ll bring you out by limo and we’ll pamper you every step of the way. We’ve even got some golf cabins if you’d like to come in the day before. We’ll start the tournament at noon Monday, and after that we’ll have a big cocktail party followed by a superb dinner.

Any day of golf is a day well spent. But some are spent better than others."eak days of winter linger far too long in the Midwest, but the Chicago Flower and Garden Show will grant your wish for an early Spring. While the world outside is still drab and dreary, Chicago's Navy Pier will already be an explosion of life and color. Held March 13 - 21, 1999, the Chicago Flower & Garden Show welcomes the new season with 30 spellbinding gardens created by the master craftsmen of the gardening world."




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