Brochure Copy
For the IEF Users Group

Headline: News From the Rialto

"Before Michaelangelo climbed the scaffolding in the Sistine chapel, and before Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, other Renaissance minds had already begun to transform the business world. Sailing ships with the new magnetic compass were suddenly crossing the oceans.

New technologies and new products seemed to appear every day. Dramatic innovations in finance expanded an entrepreneur's flexibility and opportunities. A merchant in Genoa could borrow money from a banker in Rotterdam, or send a letter of credit all the way to Alexandria. In short, it was a time of staggering change and swift transition, much like the present.

The Rialto in Venice was at the center of it all. It was a marketplace and a crossroads, where businesspeople gathered every day to discuss the latest developments, share information, and catch up on the news. It was said that when the courts of Venice banished a man from the Rialto, they put him out of business."


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