There's nothing arcane or magical about putting audio or video on your web site.  It's all just a matter of converting it to an Internet format.  If you've got something useful on a 20 year old bit of videotape, for example, there's no reason it can't appear on your web site.

(Bear in mind, of course, that the quality of the original medium determines the quality of the final product.  A 20-year-old VHS video is going to look like a 20-year-old VHS video.)

You can use video from DVDs, tapes and even things that have been sent to you via e-mail.  If you could think of a reason to do it, it's even possible to convert your dad's old 8mm home movies.

Make sure, of course, that you're not using someone else's copyrighted materials.  For legal purposes, posting something on the Internet is no different than using it in a commercial or publishing it in a book

As long as it's legal I'll be happy to help.



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